Digital Citizenship –

Briggs School District believes in the importance of providing Digital Citizenship to all of our students. Digital Citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level.

This is why digital citizenship is such a crucial topic to teach today’s students.

As the rate of technological advancement continues to increase, the world as a whole is becoming more dependent on the Internet for day-to-day activities.

That can mean checking a bank account, purchasing a product, or simply keeping in touch with a friend.

As a result, there’s a major difference between good digital citizenship and bad digital citizenship.

Good digital citizenship engages young students and shows them how to connect with one another, empathize with each other, and create lasting relationships through digital tools.

Bad digital citizenship, on the other hand, entails cyberbullying, irresponsible social media usage, and a general lack of knowledge about how to safely use the Internet.

Fortunately, almost all of the requirements to be a good digital citizen can be taught in the classroom.

Briggs School District will be providing lessons to develop good digital citizenship with all of our students.

Mr. Pacheco